Jwala Gutta’s Reaction After Missing Out For Padma Awards

Jwala Gutta

India’s famous badminton player and double specialist Jwala Gutta on Wednesday raised issues over the selection criteria for the prestigious Padma awards after she was being neglected and had not her name in the list for awardees.

Jwala vented out her anger through a post on her official Facebook page.Jwala FB Post

“I was expecting to be acknowledged nothing else, I don’t run after awards. I just thought that after so many years of what I have done and I am never really comfortable for applying for an award and this is the 3rd time I have applied and lot of people have said that I should apply that is why I applied, I feel I have been let down. I was world number six in mix doubles and world number ten in women’s doubles still did not get it,” she added.

Gutta and Ashwini Ponappa were ranked as high as no 10 in the women’s doubles world rankings. “I’m 15 times national champion and I am also the first Indian to qualify for two events in Olympics in Indian history, I’m the first Indian to win a medal after Prakash Padukone sir in world championships and so many other firsts. I have laid path for doubles in Badminton for our country when nobody took it seriously..but it’s simply isn’t enough..why cos I am outspoken? Cos I am opinionated? why is it that I am being denied of this particular award? Now I really don’t know should I be asking for this award…or I simply don’t deserve it. If this is not enough what is?” the 2011 Arjuna awardee wrote.

Jwala Gutta


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