Hope India can soon host a big city Formula E race: Jean Todt

Jean Todt (FIA President) said it is a shame that there are not many international circuit racing in India, but he hopes that the country will soon host a big city Formula E race.

Buddha International Circuit, India's Only F1 Circuit
                  Buddha International Circuit, India’s Only F1 Circuit

“It is not up to the FIA to decide. I have lot of respect for what has been done by building Formula One circuit with Formula One standard. I feel it is a shame that  we don’t have more international circuit racing in India,” he said on the sidelines of Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) Awards Function to honor the national champions of 2016.

John Todt, President FIA
John Todt, President FIA

“It is not only around Formula One. I also hope that sooner or later India can host a big city Formula E race. You have now a strong Indian team who is Mahindra. So, all been waiting to be able to host one Formula E race in one of your cities,” he said. Todt, who was the chief guest at the event, said the FIA would constructively work with the new management of F1 for the benefit of the sport.
“I don’t understand. Why to make changes. I am happy to speak about constructive changes. So, we have started to discuss and to assess the situation, which is a good situation,” he told reporters here.


“Bernie Eccelestone (F1 supremo) has been doing an amazing job. Now, there is a new ownership. We will learn how to work together and how to see what kind of constructive changes we can apply for the future,” he said.

Todt was asked about his thoughts on the change in the management of F1 and whether he wanted them to make any changes. Liberty Media is the new owners of F1.

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