Liverpool defeat Tottenham, Gets back to Winning Ways

liverpool-v-spursTottenham took on Liverpool in a closely knit table toppers game on 11th February, Saturday. Liverpool took the field to get back in the top 4, whereas Spurs’ aim was to solidify their position at the top.

Liverpool had Sadio Mane back in their ranks who was out of the team due to hi national duty for Senegal in the African Cup. Liverpool looked a stronger unit with his presence.  Spurs also tried to field their strongest with Alli and Eriksen In middle and Kane at the helm.


The match was expected to be a tense one. Liverpool came out all guns blazing with Mane at his best. He scored in the  15th Minute after two unsuccessful shots earlier. He took on Spurs goal-keeper Lloris in a one-on-one scoring one hell of a goal.

Sadia Mane scored again in the 18th minute on a rebound shot from Lallana, getting Liverpool a two goal lead in an important match. After that it was all  recovery for Tottenham.

Honestly, the Spurs never looked in-sync. They were losing easy passes. The counter-attack wasn’t coming on. And the Liverpool defense was brilliant. Tottenham didn’t have any foothold on the game, producing one of their worst first half of the season.

At half-time; LIV 2-0 TOT.


Spurs looked more energetic and challenging in the second half of the game. The second half opened well for both teams and the viewers with lots of challenges flying in and shots from both sides. As the game progressed, Spurs were back to their performance in the first half. No challenge whatsoever from the visitors. They were not able to keep Liverpool at bay. Not been able to hold on to the ball and conceding easy intercepts, Spurs lacked efficiency and will to win.

Spurs gave away an easy 3 points to Liverpool. If they want to remain at the second position, they would have to up their game. This was one of their worst performances this season.


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