Paris Saint-German Thrash FC Barcelona, Di Maria with a Brace

PSG scored 4 goals against a lathargic Barcelona side in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 opener on Tuesday night in Paris. 2 absolute stunners from Angel Di Maria, a screamer from Draxler and an awesome finishing shot from Edinson Cavani saw the hosts take a 4-0 lead in the Round of 16 matches against FC Barcelona.

iBefore the start of the match, Barcelona were expected to take the lead in the first leg of the clash. But birthday boy Angel Di Maria scored a sailing free-kick to score the opener for the hosts.

FCB were flat from the top. The mid-field was shattered and defence was sloppy. Ovrall the whole team looked lathargic. The likes of Iniesta, Messi, Suarez and Besquets were left as bystanders to the energy and strength of a dominating Paris side.

Paris Saint-Germain's Edinson Cavani celebrates scoring their fourth goalBiggest disappointment for Barcelona was Lionel Messi. With no shots, or his magical dribbles,he was left stranded in between PSG’s defence. The only shining light for Barca was Neymar in the first half, who was looking to create some chances but couldn’t succeed.

This lose for FC Barcelona has made it tough for the 5 time winners to even qualify for the next round. MSN in partucular, would have to pull a magical victory for the club at Camp Nou if they even think of qualifying.

Thats' How It Ended, PSG 4-0 Barca
Thats’ How It Ended, PSG 4-0 Barca

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