Bayern Thrash Arsenal’s Champions League Dream

mg_championsleague_bayern_arsenal_comp.pngRobben. Lewandowski. Thiago. Thiago again. Muller. That’s how the London based Gunners lost the first leg of Round of 16 on Wednesday.

Starting positively, the Gunners were rocked early by a shocker from Robben who thrashed into the left corner of the goal to score the opener for Bayern. Alexis Sanchez then took a penalty which was saved Neuer only to come straight back to Sanchez who miscued the shot, it came back to him and this time he SCORED! Equalizer for Arsenal.

Arsenal went in half-time feeling confident and started in the second half beautifully only to lose Koscieleny to injury. After that an awesome header and a back-heel to Thiago by Lewandowski saw the score get to 3-1. Thiago struck again in the 62′ minute who drove the ball in which was deflected of a header from the corner.  Bayern scored 3 goals in only 19 minutes into the second half. Later Muller hit one in the bottom right corner to give the hosts a 4 goal lead in the RO16 clash.

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