Gent Defeats Spurs

In a high intensity game of the Round of 32 clash between KAA Gent and Tottenham Hot spurs, the hosts came out on top to win the first leg of the fixture.


For the Spurs the first half was miserable, Gent came at them like a train. But the starting minutes of second half, Spurs played like winners.

Perbet scored a goal in the 59th minute against the run of play to take the lead home. It was a lucky ricochet for Perbet who lashed on and scored the opener.

As soon as the goal was scored, Spurs switched down and looked nothing like they did in the last fifteen minutes.

Gent played very well- organised, energetic and passionate. Although Spurs are favourite to proceed to next round, the performance in the last thirty minutes   of the game should give the team a headache.

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