Ibrahimovic Bags a Hat-Trick, Takes United over the line

A deflected free kick, a close range tap and a penalty. Ibrahimovich was on fire yesterday against the Saint-Etienne in the Europa cup round of 32 clash.

The Swede has now recorded 17 career hat-tricks.


First goal was scored on a free-kick which wrong footed the goal-keeper Stephane Ruffier and went over the line for the opener.

2147Suddenly against the run of play, Rashford presses and dribbles past two Saint-Etienne defenders and fires the ball towards the center only to be deflected by the keeper to the man Ibrahimovic. Who taps in his second goal of the match and his 6th goal in 4 Europa League games.

3657The third came off a penalty taken by Ibrahimovic and firing the ball into the bottom left. The foul was committed by Theophile-Catherine who tapped a running Ibrahimovic inside the box.

A great night for the United fans and a slightly disappointing loss  for Sainy-Etienne.

That’s it from my side. Signing off!

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