“My Period There is Gone” – Pep Guardiola

Recently, there were rumors that FC Barcelona has contacted Pep Guardiola to join his former club after the 4-0 loss against PSG. Messi himself called and talked to Pep to return to the club. After the heavy defeat, potentially failing to get into the quarter finals of the Champions League, and a poor season overall, current Barcelona manager, Luis Enrique, is likely to be sacked at the end of the season.


Guardiola stated that he has no intention to return to his former club. There is no Messi and Pep reunion on the cards, now or in the future.

“No, never will I go back to Barcelona to be the coach there. My period there is gone.”

However, Guardiola still believes that FCB is the only team which can come back from the 4-0 thrashing.

“Barcelona are still the best team in the world, it’s always a surprise because they are so, so good, but in football anything can happen,” he said. “If there’s a team who can do it it’s Barca. With their mentality … it’s normal that there are so many things said because they are a team that has dominated world football for 10 years. The boys and Luis will prove the haters wrong, like they have done many times.”

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