4 Biggest Comebacks in The History of Football

Football is a sport of uncertainties. Last minute finishes are not a rare sight in this game. But some teams have come back from the bottom to win the match by a big margin.

Here is a list of some thrilling matches, which left the watchers awestruck:

1. Reading 5-7 Arsenal

_63832380_155018998League Cup to break into the top 8. Reading stand at four goals to nill at 35th minute. But just before the break Walcott scores a top class goal for Arsenal, chipping one over the Goal-keeper.

Giroud and Koscielny also score awesome goals. Walcott scores in the injury time, in the 94th minute, to get the match into extra time.

FT Reading 4-4 Arsenal.

Chamakh scores in the extra time, to get Arsenal in lead for the first time in the match which was soon leveled by Pavel Pogrebnyak.  Walcott and Chamakh had the last laugh with both of them scoring a goal each and getting their team through to the next round and register one of the most remarkable nights in league cup history.

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