Indian Girl Chess Player Enter Semis Of The World Women Chess Championship

Dronavalli Harika, the Indian chess player and grandmaster defeated Nana Dzagnidze of Georgia to secure a place in the semi-finals of the World Women Chess Championship. Dzagnidze lost to Harika by a score of 1-1, 0.5-1.5.

It is the third time in a row for Harika that she had made it to the semis in the World Women Chess Championship.


D.Harika first took one point lead in the first game and later drew the second game to pull off a victory and confirm her place in the semis. Her game was the only match which went to a tiebreaker.

It is also interesting to note that Harika won her first match against Shamima Akter of Bangladesh in a tiebreak and also defeated Dinara Saduakassova of Kazakhstan and Sopiko Guramishvili of Georgia in a tiebreak.

Nana Dzagnidze
Nana Dzagnidze

Now, Harika has to face ninth seed Chinese Chess player Tan Zhongyi and if she manages a win over her than Harika can become the first Indian ever to play the finals of the World Women Chess Championship and create history.

It can now be said that girls are bringing glory to our nation in every sport and hence contributing to the overall development of the nation’s reputation. Be it Olympics or any other international tournaments, it is girls who have brought laurels to the country and so, we should support their empowerment.

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