FCB defeats Atletico 2-1, Messi Lifts Hopes


With this win FC Barcelona are now 17 games unbeaten in the La Liga.

The second leg of the Atletico Madrid vs FC Barcelona clash in the La Liga was plaayed on Sunday, 26 February at the Vicente Calderón Stadium, Madrid. Last time when both these teams met, the match ended in a draw at 1-1.

This match was crucial for Barcelona’s league race, as Real Madrid lost to Valencia in their last clash. Wining this one could mean lesser gap on the points table with now two home games for FCB.

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After many failures, Luis Enrique finally decided to play a 3-4-3 formation for the visitors. Rafihna and Mathieu also opened in this match. The first half of the match was marked by the energy of the hosts. They were pressing hardly and continuously to keep the  Catalonians under pressure. But FCB somehow hung and prevented any goal. The defence looked weak, and the midfield shattered (for the nth time). It was remarkably easy to launch a counter attack against them. Ter Stergen held his on and saved plenty of shots.


Second half bean with Barcelona coming all out at Atletico. With pace, they were pressing and putting pressure on Madrid. It was a matter of time, before Rafihna pushed one in to score the first goal of the match in the 64th minute of the game. It was a shocker as the mid-fielder was almost invisible in the whole match,and scored a goal suddenly out of nowhere.

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Barcelona’s joy was short-lived as Godin scored a header from the middle of the box from Koke’s free-kick in a set piece situation.


But this was time for Lionel Messi to sprinkle some magic and give Barcelona a winning lead. Following a free-kick from Messi from far out the box, headed to Umtiti who passed it to Suarez. The striker laid out to the Argentine who pushed it past Oblak to score the second goal for the visitors.

With this win, FC Barcelona still remain in for the Champions Title in the league, giving them the much needed boost ahead of the Champions League clash against PSG.

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