Pune Pitch Rated ‘Poor’ By The ICC

The recently held India vs Australia Test in the MCA stadium (Pune) saw a totally unexpected result. India suffered a massive 333 runs loss on the third day of the test match. The Indian batsmen had no answer to the Aussie spinners. Indian pitches always favour the spin bowlers more as compared to the pace bowlers, but there was some problem with this Pune wicket in this match. As the Indians lost all of their wickets for 105 and 107 runs in the first and second innings respectively, the quality of the pitch was doubted.

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On Tuesday, 28 February 2017, the International Cricket Council said that the Pune Pitch has been declared ‘poor’ by the test match referee Chris Broad. He took reference of the Clause 3 of the ICC Pitch and Outfield Monitoring Process and sent his report to the ICC, thereby raising his concern towards the quality of Pune’s Wicket. The report has now been sent to the BCCI who has to answer ICC within 14 days.

Similar problem was raised during the Nagpur Test between India and South Africa held in December 2015. This test also ended in 3 days with India winning it by a margin of 124 runs.

Since ICC has started looking into such issues, it will surely improve the quality of pitches all around the globe.

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