Dhoni’s Ultimate Wicket Stumping of Gunathilaka ( Champions Trophy Match-8 IND Vs SRI Group-B )

Skipper Kohli was bowling the 28th over while the Lankan opener Gunathilaka had set himself on the crease with his partner Kusal Mendis on the other end of the 22 yards. Having already sent back balls twice back to the the boundaries for maximum and having completed his half-century, Mendis on the other hand opened up his bat for another boundary of the very first ball by of the over of the skipper Virat Kohli.


On the next bowl, he managed a single when his bat rose to the edge of short fine leg. Now comes to the crease Gunathilaka where he spares 2 runs in the square side, next delivery is a dot ball. Here is the wicket bowl, the fifth ball of the 28th over ie on 27.5 Kohli bowled a delivery to Gunathilaka whom he clipped off the square on the on-side.

Having already taken a complete single run, the pair unnecessary takes in the risk of sparing another when  suddenly Umesh Yadav’s arm comes into play. The throw was a brilliant one – fast, flat and right beside the stumps.


Dhoni, as expected, is lightning quick wicket-keeper with the gloves and he catches the Lankan player short by six or so inches.

ro2.jpgThe umpires having difficulty to uphold a decision, quickly referred to the help of the third umpire.


Gunathilaka’s bat was in the air too. Gunathilaka knew it straight away at the very exact moment and swinged his bat in the air in disgust. He knew he had made a blunder for the team.

ro3.jpgGunathilaka run out (U Yadav/Dhoni) 76(72) [4s-7 6s-2]

And Gunathilaka is out in not more than a fraction of a second by the fastest wicket-keeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It’s OUT!!!!!!!!, YES IT IS !!!!!!


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