Jason Roy given out for obstructing the field, First such dismissal in T20Is

Law 37 of the Laws of the Cricket brought a very very rare and unfortunately special dismissal for the English batsmen Jason Roy, who was given out by the umpires Rob Bailey, Michael Gough in the 2nd T20 International played between England & South Africa here at The Cooper Associates County Ground, Taunton.

Credits: Sky Sports

On the very first ball of the 16th over, Jason Roy was on the non-striker end when debutant and right-handed Lancashire local player Liam Livingstone squared off the ball to the backward point area where Phehlukwayo easily caught up the ball in his hands and threw it away straight to the non-striker’s end.


Livingstone realizing that he wouldn’t commit properly to the completion of the single, he hesitantly send back the classy batsmen in a hurry and in the proceedings by the Phehlukwayo’s fielding the ball just landed on the shoes of the non-striker Roy.

Run Out.jpg

Visitors led by Morris started appealing for the dismissal of the Roy when the umpires referred for the extra needed help from the 3rd Umpire Tim Robinson.


3 Umpire.jpg

3rd Umpire gave him out and this dismissal went on to play a huge role in the dramatic 3 run loss of the English side.




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