Will Chinese takeovers reignite the Milan Derby?

The Rossoneri were purchased by Yonghong Li a Chinese Industrialist backed by the American Hedge Fund Firm Elliot who chipped in a vital €300m which needs to be repaid as October 2018! This looked a risky proposition for both Li and Milan as the Businessman himself being valued at a €500m net asset value. With Milan posting losses in tens of millions year after year, Milan embark a risky journey when it comes to the UEFA’s Financial Fair Play Rules. han-li-yonghong-li-marco-fassone-milan_2qfiomynmha1w86yxe105kru.jpg

The Nerazzurri are in a much more stable state, having taken over by Suning Commerce Group last summer, who also own the Chinese Super League Club Jiangsu Suning.

Inter Milan soon announced their intent to re-establish themselves as a European Superpower by spending a net €134m during last years transfer window. However, their performances hardly warranting their exploits off the field, Inter sacked Stefano Pioli as their manager after a winless run which saw the club finish 7th. One point below their fellow city rivals AC Milan.


Inter and their board didn’t stop being ambitious though as they offered a contract worth €120m for Antonio Conte over the period of 10 years and complete freedom in the Transfer Market. However, after failing to capture Conte, the Milan club went on to acquire Luciano Spalletti who took AS Roma to an ambitious 2nd place finish.

While Inter Milan look set for success this season, how are The Rossoneri lining up?

During the time of writing this article, having already spent upwards of  €70m and looking on to make more acquisitions, The Rossoneri look to bolster every aspect of their squad.

With both Inter and AC now being re-established as two of the most financially equipped club in Europe, one can expect stakes to be raised when the two Milan-based giants clash at the San Siro next season.



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