Athletic Bilbao Team shaves their heads in solidarity with Team-mate Yeray Alvarez #GetWellSoonYeray

Athletic Bilbao Team has raised the head of football worldwide and has set an example of sportsmanship and has again shown world the true meaning of friendship and companionship. This little gesture of the Red-Whites Rojiblancos has made them the true ” Lions” as they are called familiarly.


Image: @AthleticClub/Twitter

The entire squad has shaved their heads in solidarity with their 22 year old teammate and centre-back Yeray Alvarez, who which was re-diagnosed with testicle cancer last month even after he had undergone a successful operation mere 6 months back.

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Yeray was said to be doing “very well” after he had undergone his first round of chemotherapy earlier this week, according to Bilbao’s medical chief, Dr Joxean Lekue.


SportsJoint salutes Yeray for his braveness to fight with the cancer and we’re with you….




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