Coutinho’s Bid Rejection Makes Barca In Dire Straits

Amid the strongly arousing rumors of Neymar leaving the Catalans to the French Club PSG, the rejection of their bid for the Brazilian Footballer Philippe Coutinho has added to the frustration for the Barcelona.

Coutinho 2.jpg

Should Neymar leave the club, FCB would have to see the death of their most amazing pillar of the club- the trio of MSN in front of their eyes when the French giant would be breaking the banks for Neymar.

After the departure of Dani Alves, and now the possibility of Neymar, along with the problem that Iniesta seemingly not being able to play the whole 90 minutes has added to the never fulfilling void for the Blaugrana. In these series of happenings Jürgen Klopp has insisted Coutinho to stay at Liverpool for another season.


Barca had initially proposed a transfer deal prospectus for a handsome £72 million, which was later rejected by The Reds on Thursday.

“Yes, you can say he is not for sale,” said Klopp. “But that’s not since this morning or yesterday, it’s not been any different. Phil is a very important player for us. “He’s trying to get back his rhythm but there’s no doubt about his quality. He’s very smart both offensively and defensively. The nice news is that he’s still young. He has improved a lot since I’ve been here and he can still improve a lot.”

Klopp also slashed down Barca by saying that they are not a ” selling club ” and they had hoped that Coutinho would be staying for another two seasons before leaving to LaLiga’s super buyers.

“I’m not surprised that any club is interested in players at Liverpool,” said Klopp. “The very important message is that we are not a selling club and that’s how it is. “We believe in working together and developing together. We want to make the next step together and for this we need to stay together. “We have to create a situation where everybody is easily able to see which direction we want to go.

Coutinho 2 33.jpg

“It’s really positive. This is a fantastic club and it’s a good moment for Liverpool.” “For Andrew, this is another big step on what has been a quite incredible personal journey in a very short space of time,” Klopp told Liverpool’s official website. “I love his story; where we has come from professionally to reach this point. “When you speak to him, it is clear why he makes his progress. He has a burning love for playing football – he really loves the game.

Coutinho 2 3.jpg

“His attitude is outstanding – absolutely outstanding. His talent and skills – also very, very good. “He has experience of this competition, the Premier League, and he has the mentality and quality to get even better. “I know our environment will benefit him and help him push himself even more than he has already. This is a player who does not limit his ambition, I think.”


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