Has Neymar Jr.’s Saga Finally Come to an End?

Previous few days have been an adventure ride for all the Barcelona and PSG fans. With PSG apparently planning a move to seize Neymar Jr. away from Camp Nou, the Catalan Club has been under a lot of pressure to announce a big signing.

According to reports from different sources, the Brazilian forward and the Paris club have reached an agreement over his transfer.

On the other hand Neymar has not been vocal on the situation and has not provided any insights as to where the move is heading.

But all these rumors came to a halt, when Neymar took the field in FC Barcelona’s first pre-season game against Juventus in the United States. Soon, he put aside all the speculations and played true to his game scoring to back to back goals in quick succesion.

This certainly hints at Neymar Jr.’s prolonged stay at Camp Nou and maybe the trio of MSN may not be broken this season.




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