Top 9 Signings of Premier League 2016/17

The transfer is almost at its end and we have seen some thrilling signings in the Premier League. The transfers were fueled by speculations and social media rumors which created a lot of stir.  But at the end all the clubs seem to have some great players in their ranks and are ready for the season.

 9. Ederson Moraes – Manchester City 


The Brazilian goalkeeper broke on to the scene when his Benifica teammate Julio Ceaser was injured 18 months ago. Playing in the senior’s stead, he performed really well and earned a name for himself in the Portuguese football league.  He was Guardiola’s  top target at the start of the window. With Hart leaving to West Ham on load, Ederson is expected to start a lot more.

With his incredible shot stopping power and faster reflexes he could be a real protagonist in Manchester City’s race for triumph. 

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