How United could Lineup With Matic next season.

With Matic joining the roster of highly rated Central Midfielders at Old Trafford, let’s see how United can make the most of him and the rest around him.


This is how we think United could line up this season. With Nemanja Matic, Manchester United have a true Defensive Midfielder in their hands this season. Last Year, Ander Herrera, who was, by far the best United player last season playing both as a Defensive Midfielder lying deep as well as transitioning into counter-attacks. This meant that Herrera was often torn between being conservative, lying deep or being an aggressive interceptor, pressing attackers from all sides and initiating Counter-attacks. A reduced responsibility would mean Herrera could free up and act as an anchor between the defensive Matic and the attacking brilliance that is Paul Pogba.

Speaking of whom, it’s fair to say that Pogba is the sort of player who cannot be assigned a classical position. He flourishes in a free role where he is allowed to explore all parts of the pitch whether it be deep in the midfield, at the wings or just outside the 30-yard box, from where he is known to bang in a few outrageous strikes that garnered a cult following for him.

With the assurance of a Pivot that would be provided by Matic, The United team could be a force to be reckoned especially with the rapidness of Martial and Mkhitaryan and the bully that is Romelu Lukaku.

If rumours are believed to be true, Ivan Perisic could add yet another Counter-attacking potential to a team which has finally started looking like a classic Mourinho side with superior Counter-Attacking capabilities.

Any team that capitalizes on playing possession football should be scared of United this season as they won’t be scared to sit back and hit their opposition on the counter. And Matic could provide the foundation for a United side which could achieve greatness if everyone in their roster is utilized well.

With Europe right around the corner, only time will tell whether United will finally step up as a footballing superpower and not just a financial one.



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