How are Barca Planning Their Campaign after Neymar Jr’s Departure?

Neymar was finally unveiled as a PSG player on Thursday ending one of the most fascinating transfer stories ever as he completes a record breaking move for 222 million from Barcelona.


Neymar is without a doubt one of the greatest ever to have put on the famous Baulgrana colors but the nature of his transfer is surely going to surpass all his glories in Catalunya. The goal in Berlin, the remarkable six minutes of Remontada and an endless list of moments that almost made football as effortless as it ever was. Neymar, the successor of Leo Messi leaves as probably someone who was never a “Mes Que un Club” material, a mistake, a pain right from his highly corrupt and controversial move from Santos which led to a jail term for former Barca president Sandro Rosell.


This incident has also once again sparked a fear within the Cules as Barca’s signings have not been up to the mark in recent seasons and with the knowledge of a huge purse at their disposal, it is very likely that clubs may demand a ridiculous sum of money from them which seems to be the case with Liverpool as they try to claim as big a fee as possible for Barca’s priority target Philipe Coutinho.



This record breaking move has also led to a section of fans believe that it is extremely unfair that the Liga clubs need to include a release clause in player contracts which has now lead to the departure of one of the finest players in Spain whereas clubs like PSG can hold on to their players without fearing such an incident as we saw in Marco Verrati’s case. The lack of a significant signing and now the loss of one of their most pivotal players have surely disappointed Barca fans worldwide who now anxiously wait for the club to bring in reinforcements as they try to claim both the Liga and Champions League in the coming campaign. It has been reported that Barca is about to complete the signing of defender Inigo Matinez from Real Sociedad and are also close to agreeing on a deal with Liverpool for Philipe Coutinho. There are also reports of a meeting with Kylian Mbappe and a bid in excess of 120 million + Rafinha to land Paolo Dybala from Juventus.




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