Arsenal’s Main Man out of the Opening Game due to Injury

There have been a lot of speculation as to where Alexis Sanchez could be headed this summer after there were several reports indicating his transfer from the English club. The transfer window is coming to an end and there has not been any move for the Chilean striker. The club seems more and more confident about him staying.

While there has been no news about Alexis’ transfer, the club has confirmed he would not be able to play in the opening match day of the 2017/18 season. Arsenal face Leicester City in the first game of the Premier League and Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Sanchez will not play any part in the game.


Apparently, the Chilean had sustained an injury during a practice session before the game at Wembley.  Although there has been no remark as to how much time it would take for him to get back into action, Sanchez would most likely miss the first away game of the club when they face Stoke City on 19th August.


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