How will PSG lineup this season…

After losing the league title to Monaco last season and blowing up their Champions League race in what football fans will recall as one of the biggest failures out in the history, Paris Saint-Germain has taken serious measures to regain their former strength and fire. With the hottest transfer of this year’s window of Neymar from Barca, PSG finally got their hands on the man whose faith and desire led their rivals to a historic comeback. With Neymar added to their strike force PSG looks rampant with a strong and fiery squad at their disposal.

Everyone is once again hopeful as PSG make a fresh and strong start to their new season.

His arrival is wonderful news for everybody at the club, the players and the staff, as well as the supporters, of course,” said Emery on Neymar. “We will be able to learn from him, from his talent and vice versa.”


It will take PSG time to adapt to Neymar and for the recently deposed former Ligue 1 champions’ new No. 10 to get used to his new team — even if he already knows many of his teammates well.

Now let us take a look at what we expect to be the lineup PSG boss will use to gain their former glory and win more.

With Trapp guarding the goal and Thiago Silva and Marquinohs as centre backs, PSG’s defence can easily make the opposition think twice before attacking. Added to that, they have Kurzawa and the mighty Dani Alves, both being excellent defenders and the latter being great on the right wing as well.


In defensive midfield, they have Rabiot and another hot property of the transfer market, Marco Verrati. Both as DM could easily handle pressure from the opposition and prepare the team’s attack as well. Verrati has often been compared to Xavi for his great vision and passing accuracy.



And here comes the fiery attack, with Cavani in the centre forward assisted by Neymar on the left, Di Maria on the right and Draxler at the attacking midfield. They can seriously prove to be a lethal goal machine with correct coordination and tactics.


PSG have some serious talents on the bench as well with  Lucas, Pastore, Matuidi and Aurier ready to take on the field if any of the starting 11 fail to perform.

With Neymar added to the squad, PSG can attack voraciously from the wings but with Neymar busy up the field, it would leave an inexperienced Kurzawa exposed in defence. Till last season Draxler and Di Maria used to switch flanks thus confusing the oppositions. But Neymar’s style of play wouldn’t allow this tactic anymore.

Now with a re-energised squad, the team would like to let go of their bitter past and try to win more and more trophies and  Neymar would like to ‘step out of Messi’s shadow’ and prove his tag of ‘World’s most expensive player’.


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