Wayne Rooney: The End of an Era

Wayne Rooney decided to hang up his boots for the Three Lions as he edged out on being the most capped English Player ever by barely 6 games to Peter Shilton with the latter being capped 125 times for England.

Although Wayne Rooney recently surpassed Sir Bobby Charlton as the highest scoring Englishman ever by scoring 53 goals, one could hardly say that his English career has been devoid of controversies. Right from swearing on camera, failing to turn up at a major tournament for the nation or making an ad about it, it seems like Wayne Rooney was always the poster boy when it came to his team’s overwhelming or underwhelming performances.


Once considered One of the Top Three Best Players in the world, many would have told you the 19 year old boy would go on to achieve great things as he stepped on a scored a stunning hat-trick on his Manchester United Debut against Fenerbache as he went on to form a deadly partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo during the glory days of Manchester United.

However, Wayne Rooney’s career as an English Player, as the Captain was nothing short of stellar. As an English Player, he was always the man at the front. The star English players could look up to, the one who took the credits and fall for the team when they needed him to. One could argue that Rooney became the face of English national team when he took Euro 2004 by storm having scored 4 goals in two games against Switzerland and Croatia and a stunning display against the defending Champions France meant not only England team, but the whole world looked up to him.


This was even more apparent as England fell into despair following Rooney’s absence in Euro 2004 to an injury as England looked soulless when they crashed out against Portugal in the tournament.

Although Rooney has gone on to achieve great things through out his career, whether it be pulling his team out of an impending loss and winning the same game by 3 goals, or choreograph a goal which is widely regarded as Premier League’s Goal of the Century, one could still think the heights he could’ve achieved had he not lost his fitness due to injuries and several other factors.

The numbers boasted by Rooney are exceptional, but it only seems a commemoration to his talent when you consider his England Career being considered ‘unfulfilled’ by many.


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