The Big Four Reduced to Half

The onset of US Open 2017, this year’s last grand slam, is less than a week away. Unlike, the usual dominance of the Big-Four in most of the grand slams for a past couple of years, this Grand Slam may be an altogether different story, as the key players have failed to turn-The World no. 5, Novak Djokovic who was forced to retire from the quarter-final match of Wimbledon 2017 owing to an injury, is likely to miss his Arthur Ashe Stadium trip. Accompanying him is the British tennis star Andy Murray who is out due to a hip injury while US Open 2016 champion, Stan Wawrinka is undergoing a knee injury.
Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal, who are back to their top form have all eyes centered on them. The Wimbledon champ, Federer, who is on the top of the tennis world this year, eyes his 20th grand slam and first US Open after 2008. Meanwhile, Nadal is back with our hopes, conquering the world no. 1 postion again. The duo have never faced against each other at US Open, so this time everyone is hoping for a crackerjack clash.
Interestingly, Kyrgios’s win over Nadal in Cincinati Masters,  Zverev crushing Djokovic earlier this month, and some good performances in Montreal may highlight emerging players in this US Open.
The Grand Slam which sets off on Aug 28, will definitely have a low-light this time but a fairly good chance for emerging players. Having a golden time of his life, Roger Federer has to be the number one contender for this tournament, but the tables can turn anytime on!