Is Bundesliga finally catching up with La Liga and EPL on competitive level?

Last few days saw quite a few fancy matches in Germany with Dortmund being held by SC Freiburg and former champions Bayern Munich being stunned by Hoffenheim.  RC Leipzig are currently enjoying a great term as well, who last season gave a tough competition to Bayern Munich for the league title and have started the new season on a positive note and great expectations by securing a seat in the Champions League in such a short span of time.

The Bundesliga is the best-attended football league in the world. Its clubs are extraordinarily healthy both in terms of community involvement and economic practice, and on a competitive level, the league consistently performs well in European competition but not up to the mark of EPL and La Liga.

A competitive league is what makes football enjoyable, entertaining and unpredictable but Bundesliga has failed to do so in the recent seasons.

On a competitive note, as of now, only Bayern has been able to register its mark in Europe with great performances in the champions league with some remarkable demolition of Arsenal and Barcelona. They have heavily dominated the Bundesliga in the recent years yet they have failed to carry on the momentum and win the Champions League in these last few years.


Same has been the story with Dortmund, who used to have quite a strong team till a few years back but they have now lost their charm with constant raids of Bayern on their best players thus failing to make an impact on Europe.

These have been the reasons Bundesliga is still not regarded on the same level of EPL and La Liga who have been gaining more and more international fan base either due to their star-studded teams, as in the case of La Liga, or due to their previous popularity and their dominance over Europe.

But things are changing in Germany with RB Leipzig looking to be a very promising rival who are expected to take the competitive level of Bundesliga to another level. Last season they came quite close to being the next Leceister City by giving Bayern Munich a tough competition. This gained them a lot of international eyes as they finished above the mighty Dortmund last season.


Hoffenheim are yet another new member in the list of emerging competitive teams, who showed fine performance last season which won them a ticket to the Champions League. The most recent match wherein they defeated Bayern has got the Bundesliga fans excited as they look forward to more healthy league.

But on the other note, this is just the start of the new season and the Bundesliga has a lot to do before being considered on the levels of the big two.

The Bundesliga must strike the correct balance between keeping the things that have made their league so strong domestically and economically while also looking to expand their brand on the international scene in order to tap into the pool of money offered up from people searching for a top footballing experience. The strength of the Bundesliga lies in its connection to its home fans, and that connection can never be sacrificed.

Borussia Dortmund's Sebastian Kehl (L) kisses the trophy as the team celebrates after defeating Bayern Munich to win the German DFB Cup final soccer match in Berlin

As the Bundesliga becomes more and more available, its star will inevitably grow. And as other clubs sink into the mire of the financial coffins they build for themselves, the Bundesliga will be there to step on their shoulders, hands firmly clasped with its supporters, and take its place on top.



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