This is Why Virat Kohli Might be ODI’s Don Bradman

It is no surprise that the best batsman(undoubtedly) in the world today, is an Indian. The citizens of the country which has produced great batsmen one after another is proud to say that Virat Kohli plays for their team. Maybe not the all time best, but certainly the best in the current crop of batsmen, Virat Kohli has had a long journey coming to the top of the batting charts.


Coming from the local grounds of Delhi, Virat Kohli made his debut for India in 2008 vs the Sri Lankan side. From then on, it has been an upward ride for the King. He has played 194 ODI’s in the meantime and has scored 30 Centuries. That is almost 6 matches taken per century which is a remarkable stat in itself.  Many pundits have compared him to the likes of Sachin Tendulkar due to his near perfect technique or Ricky Ponting due to his aggression and the hunger to improve. But, meanwhile, Kohli has made it possible for him to be compared with the greatest of all time, Sir Don Bradman.


Sir Don Bradman left his mark in test cricket in an era when the matches were slow and the run-rate was low. Retiring from cricket at an average of  99.94, Don really destroyed any bowler coming in his way. Same is the case with the Indian skipper. Taking the reins from the Little Master himself, Virat has certainly proven to be the one to take the Indian cricket forward.


With an average of over 100 in successful chases in ODI’s Kohli absorbs all the pressure off other batsmen. Working his mind like a calculator, he knows at what speed he needs to move, when to drive and when to slog. Over the years, he has improved his game to a level where it is not just impossible to find a flaw in his technique, it is utterly unbelievable to watch him thrash bowlers with such ease.


At just 28 years, his peak years are yet to come, where we can’t imagine how many runs he would score or how many records would he break as he does every match he plays. Crossing Sachin’s 49 centuries mark might not be difficult for the young man. and he may as well get much more than that. He averages 55.76 in ODI’s which is a reflection of his hunger for runs.

Kohli undoubtedly has made a certain mark in the past four years but it would be interesting to how can he maintain those standards in the upcoming years. Could he have a career like the Don or would he have a story entirely different? This remains to be seen. But one thing is for certain, it would be a treat to watch this guy do wonders at the international stage.


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