Most Famous Cricket Series & Trophies !!!

Cricket is more than just a game, it is a religion for die-hard fans and when it comes down to the clash between any two arch-rivals then automatically the fans of both the teams have more than just a sight of entertainment. There are numerous rivalries and perpetual trophies currently running which are famous worldwide for their level of intensities, fan-following, historical and political background. SportsJoint brings you selected series and trophies among the best, so what are you waiting for?

On number one position we have “The Ashes” which is the queen of all other series. No other series matches the intensity and rivalry as this series for which both the teams enjoy and fight for.

Ashes (England Vs Australia)

Ashes FI.jpg

Next on the list and on the second position we have Border-Gavaskar Trophy…

Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India Vs Australia)

Border Gavaskar Trophy.jpg

Third number is grabbed by the Chappell-Hadlee trophy played between the kiwis and the kangaroos.

Chappell-Hadlee Trophy (New Zealand Vs Australia)

Chappell Hadlee Trophy.jpg

Fourth spot is occupied by the Wisden Trophy

Wisden Trophy (England Vs West Indies)

Wisden Trophy.jpg

And on the last spot we have the Pataudi Trophy for Test Matches played in England between hosts and India.

Pataudi Trophy (India Vs England)

Pataudi Trophy.jpg


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