The Most Epic Cricketing Rivalry of All Time

So here we are all set and prepared for one of the biggest, cruelest and flamboyant rivalries in the world of cricket. India vs. Australia has always been a series to look out for. The very way of playing of both these cricketing giants is similar yet so different.

The enthusiasm of both these nations, be it of players or fans, is really scintillating. Both India and Australia have produced some of the world’s greatest cricketers of all time, be it Sachin, Sir Don Bradman, Shane Warne or any other giant, with so many of them it’s really very difficult to name each one of them.

As far as the cricketing style of these two nations is considered, it’s more about aggression, competition, domination, and passion than being victorious. There have been many instances in which the team winning ultimately lost just because they loosened their grip by neglecting anyone of these traits. Though there was a time when India lacked some of these traits when compared to Australia but now the scenarios have changed completely.

Sachin and Warne

If we talk about great rivalries then this surely is the best combo to get some of the all time greatest. Some of the people may consider Border-Gavaskar as the best amongst the rest but my personal favorite is that of the “God of Cricket” and “The man who can spin Leather, miles on Glass”. If we go on stats then they mostly show that Sachin has completely dominated Warne but as they say that stats aren’t always fair so is I think in this case. It’s true that Warne has struggled most against Sachin, but then he also has troubled him a lot. For Sachin, Australia has been one of his personal favorites as his stats against them clearly state.

The Aggression

Whenever these two teams face each other anywhere, be it ICC tournaments, bilateral or triangular series, fireworks are assured. There have been many instances where these two teams met, played and created history. There have been many great contests between India and Australia in all three formats. As far as the sledging is considered it has to be there when its India vs Australia and it is one of the best things about the contest between these two teams.

Image result for kohli vs australia sledging

Nowadays, If Australia fear any Indian batsman then it has to be the Indian skipper Virat Kohli. The problem of Australia with Kohli is that he reminds them of their greatest players in their golden era when they were literally “The Invincibles”. His aggression, hunger for victory, sledging skills, and above all his batting skills are just too good for the present Australian team. On this tour, Kohli vs Faulkner will certainly be a battle to look for.

Image result for kohli vs australia

 Now, India with Kohli as their captain is completely changed side when it comes to aggression. Apart from this in the present time and home conditions, India is a much better team than the Kangaroos. Now India is almost invincible, especially in India, if not everywhere. So we can certainly expect some hot battles and above all, mesmerizing cricket.


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