Battle Of The Blues: Manchester City vs Chelsea

Manchester City has been excellent this season, Undefeated in both premier league and UEFA champions league. Doubts arised when they were going to face Chelsea and they came strong by winning 1-0 in Stamford Bridge, A goal by Kevin De Bruyne who was the star performer of the match.

Key Stats

Manchester city enjoyed most of the possession having 62% possession managing a total of 17 shots while Chelsea only had 4 shots in the whole match indicating the domination city had during the 90 minutes of the game. Another interesting fact to note was that Chelsea had 8 offsides while city had none which shows Pep’s tactics were on the spot and were able to handle Chelsea very well.

Key Player

Kevin de Bruyne was ruthless during the whole match scoring a spectacular goal in 67th minute of the game giving them the lead. He was the major force behind their attacks providing deadly balls and crosses for whole of the match. Only if the chances would have been taken well by them, they would have increased their lead by 2 or 3 goals.


The match against Manchester City shows that Chelsea lack offensive strength in their squad and were offensively weak after Alvaro Morata was substitued due to a hamstring injury. Chelsea needs to find a proper replacement for Morata till he comes back. Manchester City seems really tough to handle this season with only Manchester United giving them a competition on the top. It would be really exciting to see another Pep vs Mourinho battle as both of the teams are yet undefeated.



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