India vs Colombia – Live Blog 1-2 Full Time

That’s All Folks…IND 1-2 COL

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Full Time: India 1-2 Columbia

India have lost their straight second game after a 3-nil loss to U.S.A, their next encounter would be with the Ghana team while Columbia would face U.S.A in their next matches.


Match about to end with visitors having the status quo with 2-1.


Hosts created a beautiful ball down at the penalty area, couldn’t convert it to the maximum.

Update: 5 minutes of game-play added.


Indians finding hard to trap the ball in their defense and take it forward to other side, clearing the ball at this moment won’t do any good to the hosts.


Visitors rotating the ball and keeping the possession maximum to their side to ensure a 2-1 win. Can India comeback ??


2 goals in 2 minutes, short lived equalizer faded away by Penaloza. Columbia again in lead by 2-1.


Goal !!!!! India 1-1 Columbia


India miss a golden chance as the Columbian stopper makes a great save. Will India regret these misses.


Substitution Boris Singh Thangjam is replaced by Nongdamba Naorem


Compaz misses a massive chance as India hang on.


India put together a few passes but Aniket is offside.


Substitution Abhijit Sarkar is replaced by Aniket Anil Jhadav for the hosts.


An hour has been played and the hosts desperately need a goal but are slowly running out of steam.



Game resumes with a bang-on cheer from the Indian supporters.


Cramps for the Indian goal-keeper, lays down on the ground for a physio help.


Visitors constantly trying to expose off the Indian defense, poor passes from the hosts adds to the misery.


Good chance for Rahul but the header flies away from the goal.


Columbians take the lead. IND 0-1 COL

Teams are back again on the ground. Hoping for some power packed performance from Hosts after a brilliant 1st half. Brian Gomez is on for Lucas Lopez


Sounds of whistles whirling in the stadium marking the half-time, both the sides haven’t scored yet.


India hits the cross bar, what a close chance for the Indian side.


3 minutes of add-on.


Resilience is the word defining India’s performance in the first half, persistence for the visitors.


Dheeraj makes a fine save again for India, visitors surely creating some chances.

That was some volley. Dheeraj down while saving the corner. Hoepfully, it’s not a serious injury.


Header from Anwar Ali is comfortably saved by the Columbian goal-keeper.


Foul by Cortez.


Columbian No.7 Cumpaz is clearly looking a major threat to hosts chances.


Great save from Dheeraj from a piercing bullet like header by the visitors.


Good run down the left hand side by the Columbian winger, but was neatly cleared by the hosts for a corner.


Half an hour of game played and both sides looking forward to an opener. Columbia have had a couple of dreadful passes but last stitch challenges come to their rescue.


India could have had a beautiful chance out there.


Its still 0-0 as Colombia enjoy a neat spell of possession. India has only 38% possession but has created better chances.



Free kick for Columbia which is safely turned away by Dheeraj, it remains 0-0 but hosts are finally playing the way 1.2 billion Indians want them to play.


India came close but Abhijeet’s shot is saved by the Colombian keeper.


10 minutes in its still 0-0, Columbia starting to show their physical side.

A must win game for the hosts or else they might well see their dream come to a sad end.


So here we go….


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