Pele Picks Between Ronaldo And Messi.

One of the best known footballer across world ‘pele’ has his say on Messi-Ronaldo debate.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is excellent but he is a scorer, a forward… Messi, he scores goals ok, but he is more for the organised team. Then I say, ok, both are fantastic, but you can not compare.”

“You have a Ronaldo to a Ronaldinho, it was almost the same style, but it’s a different style, to me over the last 15 years, no doubt Messi is the best player.”
Lionel Messi outscored Cristiano Ronaldo this season, 54 in 52 for the little Argentine as compared to 42 in 46 for the Portuguese but the latter’s goals came for a more successful season.

In addition to the league and European double he won the Club World Cup, and of course had started off the season winning the European Championships. 
Pele named Ronaldo the best earlier this year – “Ronaldo has come through for the past two or three years and is the best in Europe. I think at the moment no doubt Ronaldo is the best. though, he did add the disclaimer that this over the past 15 years, and that he has rated Leo Messi’s consistency over the past decade as higher than his arch-rival Cristiano.

Ronaldo won fifa best player award last night in London, England.


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