Pune pitch curator suspended on tampering charges

Maharashtra Cricket Association’s pitch curator Pandurang Salgaonkar has been suspended. Ahead of the second ODI between India and New Zealand a very surprising news came bobbling out of the dark.


Pandurang Salgaonkar

He was reported to be involved in leaking information about the pitch prior to the second ODI and also being involved in pitch tampering. Though no outsiders are allowed to have a look at the pith before the match starts other than the officials, reporters of India Today disguised as bookies were allowed to have the look at it.

Those reporters were allowed to properly see the pitch and they were also ensured that all their demands will be fulfilled. They were even allowed to tamper the pitch. On all this MCA president Abhay Apte said that “I am here to just make one statement because since morning there has been some news which is appearing on the television on a very disturbing subject.”

Abhay Apte

Abhay Apte

“I have to tell that the MCA, of course, the BCCI too, along with the Committee of the Administrators (CoA) have zero tolerance on such subjects, so MCA will be making a detailed enquiry on what has happened or what has appeared on television. But before we have our urgent meeting, in the capacity of the MCA President, I have taken Mr. Salgaonkar under suspension with immediate effect, and all his work has been withdrawn, including his basic membership with the MCA has been withdrawn. The ICC observer (match referee Chris Broad) has approved the pitch, the match will start on schedule,” he said.

BCCI too had a lot to say on this as First of all acting secretary of BCCI, Amitabh Choudhary, said,  “The BCCI has zero tolerance towards any activity that brings the game to disrepute. We have acted swiftly and ensured that there are no loopholes left ahead of the 2nd ODI.”

And then Board CEO came forward and mentioned that “A strict action has been taken against the pitch curator and the employment relationship between Mr. Pandurang Salgaonkar and MCA stands terminated. The BCCI is in touch with the MCA and appropriate measures will be taken with regards to the matter. The BCCI will continue to enforce strict measures in case of such misconduct in the future.”

Currently, he has been suspended and the Wankhede pitch curator,  Ramesh Mamunkar has taken over Pandurang and the latter has been barred from entering the stadium. Even in February this year India faced a global shame as ICC referee rated this very same pitch as poor. This is a very serious issue and BCCI need to take some strict action so as to ensure that no other such activity takes place or else it won’t be good for the Indian and International cricket.

Ramesh Mamunkar

Ramesh Mamunkar


Reporter: How’s the pitch and what’s an expected score?

Curator: Its a very good pitch and 337 is what I think will be the score which will be very chasable.

Reporter: I want the pitch to be helpful to X and Y, and also want a team to be favored. Can it be done?

Curator: Yeah, for sure it can be done.


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