Is Heynckes the man Bayern had been waiting for?

After a sublime victory against their rivals Borussia Dortmund in the latest edition of “The Klassiker”, Bayern have suddenly gone from five points down to four clear, in the space of just four matches.

Bayern Munich sacked their previous manager Carlos Ancelotti last month after they started the season with lethargy as they stood behind Dortmund and RB Leipzig in the title race.

Since appointing Heynckes as their new manager, the team has been on the roll winning seven matches in a row as they have climbed to the first spot in the span of less than a month.


The team under Heynckes looks more energetic and fresh than they were under Ancelotti as they continue their impressive play even without some of their star players namely Neuer, Muller and Ribery.

The attack looked voracious especially in their last match against Dortmund with instances wherein most of the forwards lurked dangerously in the opposition half with great connections formed between Coman, James, Robben and Lewandowski.


Heynckes has made lots of improvements in the midfield as well, as great flow and link up can be seen between the midfield and the attacks with Robben playing a very crucial role in setting the wing free and launching counter-attacks. The team is playing with a great chemistry and understanding as they don’t overcrowd the box and allow maximum space to their forwards to damage the opposition defences.

Heynckes has managed the defence quite well even without their star Neuer as the team has conceded only 1 goal in the past 4 league games. The full-backs have now got a lot of space to make a run up with the centre-backs looking rock solid. But with Alaba’s injury against Dortmund, it will be interesting to see how the manager reshapes the team.


Heynckes looks quite happy with the team’s current form.

“It was a great performance overall. Four weeks ago you could not predict that we are now six points ahead of Dortmund and four ahead of Leipzig. ” said the manager.

He looks optimistic for the season lying ahead.

“We have worked hard for this. If we have the injured players on board again, we will play even better and hopefully successful football.”


Even the players are rejuvenated to be back on the winning tracks and getting on top of the table.

“We can be very happy because since the new manager came in, we were five points behind Dortmund and now we are six points ahead. If you told me that a few weeks ago I would have said you were crazy.” Said Robben.

Robben, who scored the opener for the Bavarians in the Klassiker looks quite fascinated by the new manager.

“We know what [Heynckes] can do. The players have to do it on the pitch but he gives structure, tells us how to play and is very clear about things and I think we are more stable now.”


With the team back to their best, it will be on Heynckes to guide the team and lead them to silverwares and help restore their dominance in Europe.

Will Heynckes be able to lead them like this? Comment your thoughts and stay updated with SportsJoint.



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