Another Star Chooses Between Messi and Ronaldo

Formula One star and the honorary member of Real, Fernando Alonso has claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo is better than “incredible” Messi.

The two modern day greats have constantly been compared, with both of them having won past 9 Ballon D’or’s.

He also said that he had no doubt in his mind while choosing between the two.

“Cristiano is better than Messi, yes”, the Spaniard told Globo Esporte ahead of Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

“Messi has an incredible talent as well, but as a Real Madrid fan, only Real Madrid players interest me.” said the two time Formula-1 world champion.

Both the maestros would be working hard to take Argentina and Portugal to a winning position in the upcoming edition of the World Cup which is to be held in Russia next year.

However, Alonso believes that two other nations viz. Spain and Brazil deserve favouritism here.

“It is difficult to know who will win, but right now, Brazil are the favourites.”, he said.

“Spain would be strong. It would be nice if they played the final.”

Aren’t his views too one-sided?

Do let us know about your opinion.


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