Breaking News : Manchester United Legend Diaganosed with Heart Disease

The Manchester United captain has issued a statement stating the reason for his absence, which came out to be an “Irregular Heart Rhythm”.

Michael Carrick has revealed that he underwent a heart surgery to overcome an “Irregular Heart Rhythm”. He has been out since Man Utd’s September’s Carabao Cup tie against Burton Albion. That 4-1 win was also his only appearance for Man Utd this season.

Initially he was out due to a Calf injury, but since that match he had been feeling unwell.

There were reports that he went underwent a surgery to overcome a “Mystery” illness. Michael Carrick has now released a statement revealing what that illness was.

A Cardiac Ablation is considered a minor procedure to correct the rhythm of the heart.

It is a routine procedure designed to fix abnormal electrical circuits in the heart that cause an irregular beat that can effect an athlete’s exercise tolerance.

Carrick has returned to training at Carrington and was involved in sessions with Paul Pogba and Marcos Rojo during the international break.

He is expected to be back for Man Utd’s UCL clash against CSKA Moscow on the 5th of December.

Sportsjoint wishes Michael Carrick luck for his speedy recovery.


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