FIFA World Cup 2018 Draw- When, Where & How

The FIFA World Cup Draw kicks off on Friday,1st December 2017 at the magnificent State Kremlin Palace, Moscow, Russia. This event will put an end to the curiosity of many football fans as it will reveal who will face whom.

The show would begin at 8:30 pm IST and 15:00 GMT and would be presented by Gary Lineker and Russian Sports Journalist Maria Komandnaya.

Unlike previous editions of FIFA World Cup draw, all pots will be determined by each team’s October 2017, FIFA World Ranking. Pot 1 contains the hosts along with the highest ranked teams, pot 2 contains the next highest teams and so on.


The 32 teams will be divided into 8 different groups of 4 labeled from A to H.

Teams from the 4 pots will be emptied in groups A to H with one team from one pot in each turn.

Although there are certain exceptions, teams from the same confederation cannot be drawn into the same group. The only exception to this is UEFA teams. Upto two UEFA teams can be drawn in the same group.

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4
 Russia (hosts) (65)  Spain (8)  Denmark (19)  Serbia (38)
 Germany (1)  Peru (10)  Iceland (21)  Nigeria (41)
 Brazil (2)   Switzerland (11)  Costa Rica (22)  Australia (43)
 Portugal (3)  England (12)  Sweden (25)  Japan (44)
 Argentina (4)  Colombia (13)  Tunisia (28)  Morocco (48)
 Belgium (5)  Mexico (16)  Egypt (30)  Panama (49)
 Poland (6)  Uruguay (17)  Senegal (32)  South Korea (62)
 France (7)  Croatia (18)  Iran (34)  Saudi Arabia (63)