Lionel Messi statue in Buenos Aires vandalised… yet again!

Lionel Messi is one of the finest sportsperson the world has ever seen. Born in a small town of Argentina, the young boy rose from the dearth to the zenith as he went on to become, arguably, the best footballer on this planet.

To honor the Argentine, a statue of Messi was unveiled in June 2016  on Paseo de la Gloria, where casts of other famous Argentine sports stars such as tennis player Gabriela Sabatini and basketball player Manuel Ginobili are also on display.


But recently, it was found that the bronze statue was chopped off just above the ankles, with the main “body” left lying on the pavement. Spanish news agency EFE reported the tribute in Paseo de las Glorias, an area in the Argentine capital, had been defaced, and Goal’s Mootaz Chehade posted an image of the now legless statue.


And the worst part is that it is not the first time the statue had to suffer from something like this.

The statue was hit by the vandals in January this year as well when the Messi statue was cut in half at the waist.


Lionel Messi has recently saved Argentina from humiliation as his hattrick against Equador booked them their seats in the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Messi, who left Argentina in 2000 to play for Barcelona, has been criticized for his performance in the national team in the past as well.

While he has won four European Cups, eight league titles, five Ballons d’Or and three Club World Cups, Messi has yet not got a World Cup to complete his decorations.

His only international honour has been an Olympic gold at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

Argentine football fans were ruthless in their criticism when he missed in a penalty shootout against Chile in the Copa America final in June 2016 which saw them return empty-handed for consecutively the second time from Copa America.

While the world bestows to the Argentine forward, people from his very own country show behavior like this towards the man who is their only hope for Argentina’s international glory, at least for the near future.