Captain Coutinho Sails Liverpool Through With A Hat-trick.

Liverpool thrashed Spartak Moscow 7-0 in their home stadium Anfield with Captain Coutinho marking his first ever hat-trick for Liverpool sealing their place in The Champions League Round Of 16.


Liverpool were in their blazing red form against an awful Spartak Moscow with Coutinho getting on the scoresheet with a beautiful penalty in the 4th minute. The momentum continued when he rolled the ball into the bottom right corner just 15 minutes after the match. Coutinho was actively involved in the attacks throughout the match, only a matter of time before he completed his hat-trick with his shot reaching the bottom left corner past a deflection from a defender. Quite unlucky for Coutinho to not get an assist throughout the match.


Barcelona will have their eyes all set-up on Coutinho as he has been in a phenomenal form recently bagging a goal and providing 3 assists in The Premier League game vs Brighton. Klopp was quite unsure about his future at Liverpool when he was asked about Coutinho’s move in the January transfer window before the UCL match vs Spartak Moscow. He said

“Nothing – but I don’t think about it, I think about the Moscow game. Not for one second have I thought about that so far. I am not unsure, I am not sure, I don’t think about it.”

We will not be surprised if Coutinho moves to Barcelona in this upcoming transfer window.


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