Stokes and Alex Hales back in the ODI squad

Ben Stokes and Alex Hales have both have been picked in the 16 men squad for the ODIs against Australia. Though both of them have been selected in the squad, it’s quite possible that none of them plays.

Stokes has been suspended from the International cricket as he was arrested for the possibility of being involved in a fight at a bar in Bristol, where the other person suffered from a fractured eye socket. Though he has been taken in the squad, still chances are very high that he won’t play because he hasn’t yet received the clean chit. Apart from all this, he has started to play for the Canterbury Kings in New Zealand.

On the other hand, Hales has been told that he won’t face any charge so he also has been included in the 16 men squad. But he has not played any form of cricket for a very long time, while his replacement Johnny Bairstow has performed pretty good to make things difficult for Hales. Now, Hales has to make his way back in the squad which won’t be easy for him at all.

The return of both these players will not only be difficult for them but also for the whole English side. Coach Trevor Bayliss is also aware of the coming situation as is clear from his press statements.

He said: “That’s been discussed – but whenever he comes back it’s going to be a bit of a circus for sure.

“Whether it’s any more of a circus than it’s already been, it’s hard to say.

If it happens, let’s just get on with it and take it on the chin.”

Asked about the timing of any clarification of Stokes’ situation, Bayliss said:

“I’ve got absolutely no idea … (we’re) still waiting for the police report.”

ECB will also look forward to whether Stokes can play in the remaining Ashes test. The English side is badly missing their lead all-rounder as they trail by 2-0 in the 5 match Ashes. As far as Hales is concerned, it really will be difficult for him to make a comeback, as is clear from the statements of Trevor Bayliss when he was asked about whether Hales will get a chance to play or not.

Bayliss said: “The two openers we had did very well, and it would be difficult to go against (them).

“We’ve got to take a decision now, and … the two guys who have taken over, I just think that’s the best way to go. I can’t see any changes there personally.”

Overall, we can say that the return of Stokes and Hales will certainly create some sort of happenings in the English camp. Not sure whether either of them will make it in the playing eleven or not.