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James Rodriguez Found His Smile Back

James Rodriguez acknowledged his increased playing time and the influence of Jupp Heynckes have helped him perform to his best with Bayern Munchen as he targets silverware with the Bavarians in 2018.

For too long, James Rodriguez didn’t have much to smile about. Things weren’t going well for him at Real Marid, and his form suffered for a long time because of it. He wasn’t happy, he wasn’t productive, and he wasn’t anywhere near the quality of player he had become famous for being.


It all happened under Rafa Benitez when the Colombian playmaker doesn’t fit in the role he was made to play under the Spanish manager. Though his form and his playing time both suffered terribly bad. It didn’t change like hoped after Zinedine Zidane took the charge as the new head coach of Real Madrid.

Playing just 22 La Liga matches and making only 6 Champions League appearances. He didn’t even make for the squad of Champions League Finale and his trademark smile was gone. The bad luck and frustration carry over his time with Colombia International team as well, he failed to show his old flair and skill set. Though Colombia qualified for the World Cup, they struggled a lot without their key player lifting them up.

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But this past summer, James Rodriguez was given a lifeline — a loan to Bayern Munich.

The Colombian playmaker struggled for full match fitness at the start of the campaign but has hit top form in the recent weeks giving hand in two of the goals in 3-1 victory against Paris Saint-German in the last match of group stages.

James believes this win to be the crucial part in boosting the confidence of German giants for upcoming challenges.

“The win gave us a great deal of self-confidence for our upcoming games. Hopefully we still have a lot to play, because we’ve got big plans for the rest of the season. We’ve shown that we needn’t fear a great team like PSG. It was a fair result.” He told in the post interview of the match.


Asked about his relationship with reunited coach Jupp Heynckes. He said

“You’re certainly grateful when your coach can speak to you in your native language. It makes everything so much easier, whether it’s tactics or even just everyday things that you didn’t understand but that he then explains to you.”

Jupp Heynckes has shown his full trust in James Rodriguez and wishes the playmaker to be at the best as season long and the challenges are tough.



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