Why Ronaldo’s Ballon D’OR Is Fully Deserved.

Ronaldo and Messi have been so dominant in the world of soccer that they have combined to win the last ten Ballon d’Or awards and have finished second another ten times in the last 11 years. Over the last 11 years, they have combined to finish first or second in the voting 20 times. Everybody else has done it two times.

This thursday night Cristiano Ronaldo won Ballon D’OR trophy for the 5th time in his career taking his tally of individual awards to 28.

But many are not satisfied and think it’s undeserved. So let’s compare this year’s achievements of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo :-


He was a bit shaky in the starting of the season(2016-17) due to his injury in Euro Final, Which let him down in beginning of the season, but once he pressed the accelerator there was no stepping back from him.

It all started last December when real went to Japan to play Club World Cup, he helped Real Madrid won the trophy by Scoring a Hattrick in final against the hosts kashima antlers. He also won the title of ‘The Best’ in the tournament.

Then came the favourite tournament( in terms of scoring goals)  of Cristiano Ronaldo, Uefa Champions League,as i mentioned earlier he was bit shaky at the start so he managed to score only 2 goals prior to the knockout stages.

In quarter final against Bayern he scored a brace at Allianz Arena and then in the second leg scored a Hattrick to send Real into their seventh consecutive semi final.In semi final he scored a Hattrick once again at Santiago Bernabaeu against Atletico Madrid which helped Real through to their second final in two years.

In final against Juventus the man scored a brace against a defence that didn’t let Messi Pass Through Them, and was considered as most favourite team to win champions league but Ronaldo has other plans and made Real the champions of europe for 12th time and ended as top scorer of UCL despite being scored just two goals in group stages.

In la liga Ronaldo was the top scorer of Real Madrid(25) and in year 2017 after loosing 3-2 against Barcelona, League title was in Danger, so he fought hard and scored in almost all league matches after that defeat which handed Real 33rd liga trophy

In Spanish super cup final after coming on from the bench he Scored a Stunning Goal against Barcelona  before got sent off wrongly. In current season he is top scorer in UCL.

1.  La Liga

2.  UCL(Back 2 Back)

3. UEFA Super Cup

4. Spanish Super Cup

Individual honors(before Ballon DOR)

1. Uefa Forward Of The Year

2. Fifa Best Player Award

3. Top scorer in UCL

Messi started the season 2016/17  exceptionally well and scored 10 goals in UCL group stages and finally finished as second top scorer behind ronaldo with total of 11 goals which clearly shows his lack of impact (in terms of goals) in knockout stage of UCL.

One of the most significant moment in Barca’s campaign last year was the Remontada against PSG in which messi scored a goal but the comeback king was neymar, Messi posed in front of fans after the sixth goal from sergi roberto and got lots of praise despite the fact that Neymar was the motivation behind the comeback.

One thing people argue is that he created lot of chances which his teammates can’t score but one can hardly believe as Barca had quality finishers upfront in form of Luis suarez and Neymar. Messi also felt behind Ronaldo in assist chart of UCL 16/17.

One thing Messi beats Ronaldo in is dribbling, but leading in only one department doesn’t make you Best Player.

Messi fans also reminding everyone time after time of his Hattrick against Equador which gave them ticket to WC ,but one match can’t win you Ballon D’OR especially if your opponent is the player who scored in every important match of UCL and in nervous moments of la liga.


1.Copa Del Rey

Individual honors(2017)

1. European golden boot

This is the analysis of both Ronaldo’s and Messi’s year so far and one can easily see that what Ronaldo is doing at the age of 32 is quite exceptional and got a fully deserved Ballon D’OR for his hard work.

Now it’s your opinion what you think, let us know in comment box is Ronaldo’s award is fully deserved or not?


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