Manchester Derby: Premier league title hope over for United?

Things couldn’t have been better for Manchester City as they defeated United 2-1 and extended their lead from 8 to 11 points. This win was City’s 14th consecutive triumph, breaking the record of 13 successive league wins set by Chelsea and Arsenal. United’s only chance to minimize the gap was to win this game but they were not able to capitalize the opportunity.


In the first half, City dominated the game but they were not able to convert their chances, until David Silva hooked the ball into to the nets from close range but It took the devils just four minutes to equalize, as a mistake from Fabian Delph allowed Rashford to score.


Just nine minutes from the second half, Otamendi scored the goal and gave visitors the lead. Lukaku made a huge error to give City the goal they were looking for. In the second half, United had more possession than they had in the first half, still they didn’t have the ball rolling in their favour. The devils had their chances – with Ederson pulling off a brilliant double save denying Lukaku and Mata to score.


Sergio Aguero, City’s star striker and often referred as one of the best strikers of Premier League Era, was not even required for a single minute. Lukaku looked low on confidence and even the arrival of Ibrahimović did not boost the hosts. Overall, City was not as dominant or clinical as they are used to be, but were definitely the better side.

Now, there is a huge 11-point gap at the top of the Premier League and it is likely that the gap will continue to grow, there can be some twists but it seems all little unrealistic, unless there are  some serious injury issues for City but that is unlikely to happen. In the post-match conference, Even Manchester United’s manager Mourinho somewhat admitted that title race is over.


“Manchester City are a very good team,” he said. “They are lucky, they have decisions in their favour. I’m pretty sure everyone is going to fight for points and try to reduce the distance, but the advantage is a very good one.”

Manchester United will now face Bournemouth and City will visit Swansea on Thursday.

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