Players Mumbai Indians should retain

When we talk of Mumbai Indians, we need to get our stats exact as they are the only side to win three IPL titles. Other than that, the support that they get all over the country is also exceptional. Being the most successful team in the history of IPL, this year it will be really difficult for their selectors to select the players that they’ll retain. Here we are with the players that we think should be retained this year by them.

Rohit Sharma


The first and the foremost player to be retained will certainly be the captain himself. Who in this world will not retain the Hitman, certainly not the Mumbaikars. The kind of form he is in and if not for that then solely for the player he is and also for the captain he is and for what not will MI not retain him. He certainly will be the first player to be retained.

Jasprit Bumrah


Other than Rohit, the other player that will be retained has to be Jasprit Bumrah. The kind of bowler that he’s become in the last year or so will certainly compel the selectors to retain him. He should be given priority above Malinga because nowadays his yorkers are far more destructive than those of Malinga(if that isn’t a no ball). He’s the new death specialist for India and Indians will also certainly like to use his firepower.

Hardik Pandya


The third player that the management will go with will be a tricky choice but if they go with us then it should be Hardik Pandya. In the last year or so Pandya has proved to be the one India has been looking for all these years, a fast bowling allrounder,  the kind of destructive batsman that he is will certainly be something in his favor in the shortest format of the game. Above that, he can also slip through his overs and also take some crucial wickets.

Kieron Pollard


When it comes to Right to Match then the players that MI will go with, are also difficult to guess. Still, from the previous editions’ performances, they may select Pollard to be the one, if they do. Other than this, players like Harbhajan, Malinga with their increasing age and decreasing efficiency might not find themselves amongst the retained players.



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