Players RCB should retain

Royal Challengers Bangalore has been one of the most terrifying team in the IPL but it collapses in big occasions. It can be judged by this fact that they are able to make ways for finals three times but still aspires for their first final win in this prestigious tournament. Having a bulk of star players, it will be a tough choice for the selectors to select the players they will retain. Here are the players that should be retained this year by the Red Army:

Virat Kohli

Being the captain and the most successful batsman of RCB, the first and foremost player to be retained is the mighty Virat Kohli. He currently holds the top spot of ICC T-20 batsman rankings. He has been also a successful captain of the national team. The kind of form he is in and for the captain he is for what not will RCB not retain him. He certainly will be the first player to be retained.

Ab de Villiers

The second player that has to be retained by the franchise will be Ab de Villiers. A delightfully brutal batsman, a decent wicket-keeper and an agile fielder – there are very few things that ABD cannot do on a cricket field. He has smashed three hundreds in IPL and he has decimated bowling attacks of many opponents with his 360 hitting. The RCB management will surely like to retain him.

Chris Gayle

The third player that is going to be retained will be Chris Gayle. The Jamaican batsman is all about power and brute force. He is the first player to score a century in the shortest format of the game and the leading six-hitter in T-20s. He has scored 3626 runs in 101 matches played in IPL with the strike rate of 151.20. He has hit 5 hundreds, most by any batsman in IPL. He has joined hands with de Villiers in tearing bowling attacks apart. This makes him the third player which RCB will like to retain.

Yuzvendra Chahal

When it comes to Right to Match, then there is a tough choice between KL Rahul and Yazuvandra Chahal. But inspired from previous sessions, the bowling attack of RCB is not so strong. So, they will be focusing to strong their bowling attack and Chahal has performed decently well for national team and in previous versions of IPL. Therefore, Chahal will be the ‘Right to Match’ card for the Red Army.


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