Players CSK should retain

The team with most number of final appearances in the history of IPL is back in action in this year. Certainly, if any team will face difficulty in selecting the five players to be retained then CSk has to be one amongst them. With such a formidable squad and so many constraints, it will really be very difficult for them to select the players to be retained. Still, here we are, to help them.



Well, we can’t say much about why he will be retained because saying a bit will ultimately result in too much. So the first player to be retained will certainly be the Ice captain, there isn’t any reason why he won’t be the first player in the list of retained player for any team in this cricketing world.

R. Ashwin


The second player that CSK will retrain has to be Ashwin. One of the most successful spinners in the history of IPL, he is certainly someone that no team would like to release. He has played a lot of county cricket in the last year or so which certainly will prove to be beneficial for him as well as the team he plays in.

R. Jadeja


The third player is a very tricky one, as one team can retain only three Indian capped players so we will have to choose between Raina and Jadeja, and here I go with Jadeja keeping in mind the form he has been in the domestic cricket this season. Still, it will mean to release Raina so ultimately it will be a very difficult decision that the team management has to make. It will be very interesting to see what they’ll decide finally in the favor of the team.

Dwayne Bravo


When it comes to using RTM then CSk will like to go with Bravo, one of the most successful all-rounders in IPL but at the same time they also have to keep in mind the allotted budget of 80 crores and players like Hussey and Mccullum on the bench, so, all in all, it will really be very interesting to see what combination the CSK team management will come up with.


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  1. How about Raina? And looking at current form, Andrew Tye is the one they might buy through RTM. Tye and Bravo bowling in tandem at the death will be too good.


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