Premier Badminton League Season 3 – Rules and Regulation

Every New Season of Premier Badminton League brings something new so that Tournament become more interesting and comes to another level.This time their is an addition of two more Teams -Ahmedabad Smash Masters Captained by H.S Prannoy and North-Eastern Warriors captained by Wang Tzu Wei(Taiwan Singles Player).Here is a look at some Rules and Regulation of tournament, which is must to be followed by each and every team.

Match Format 

Each Tie consist of 5 matches.The Five matches will be played as 

  • Two Men’s Singles
  • One Men’s Doubles
  • One Women’s Singles
  • One Mixed Doubles

The order of the matches is decided by the technical team of PBL after sharing of the player’s list by the teams.No player can play more than 2 matches in a tie.Each matches shall be Best of Three games.


Each game played will be 15 points.At 14-14, the player winning the next point will win the game.There is no any type of Deuce system which we see in International Tournaments.Every match played will give points to the teams, which will decide the winner with the team with more points.Winning a match will contribute +1  to the overall match tie score and every match lost will contribute 0 points to the overall match tie score.

Trump Match Format

This rule makes the whole tournament most interesting, because this match can decide which team is going to win the Tie.Whole procedures involved in this are :

  • Each team as a right to choose one match to be a trump match
  •  If the match won by the team is Trump Match, then this contributes +2 points to the overall match tie.
  • The worst thing is that if the Trump match is lost by the team then it will contribute (-1) to the overall match tie.





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