Spinning duo guiding to yet another victory

The Indian team yet again demolished the Lankan lions in the first T20 match. Initially, it started the way, Lanka wanted, as the Lankan skipper won the toss and elected to ball first keeping in mind the dew, that always plays a major role in that part of the country.

Rohit and Rahul gave India a steady start, but Rohit was not able to convert his start into big innings which happen very rarely. Rahul still continued with his flourish and reached his fifty accompanied by Shreyas Iyer. But then both these batsmen were dismissed one after the other leaving India in a sort of crisis. But then Dhoni and Pandey ultimately took India to a decent total of 180 runs.

The score was never too much because of the heavy due and India needed a good start from their pace bowlers and Unadkat and Bumrah gave just the ideal start. Then came the young spinning duo of India and BOOM!, the Lankan batting collapsed.

It all started with an unlucky dismissal of Tharanga where he just nicked a wide delivery to get caught by Dhoni and after then the Lankan batting just fell like a house of cards one after the other. Chahal picked up four wickets while Kuldeep took two.

These young wrist spinners of India are certainly becoming a problem for the other teams as they are just growing into maturity day by day. The way they complement each other is certainly something to look at.  In the upcoming tours where Inda will go out of the subcontinent, these two will certainly have to play a major part.

The best part about their bowling is that they are not afraid of getting hit for sixes, but are determined to take wickets. Being wrist spinners, they will not face as much difficulty as the likes of Ashwin and Jadeja. So certainly these two are the future of Indian spin bowling and will have to play a major role if India wants to win outside the subcontinent.



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