Can Chennai Smashers Defend their Title in PBL Season 3

As only 2 days are left for the start of Premier Badminton League, the big question that comes to mind that, can Defending champions can lift the cup again in PBL Season 3.So, here is the list of players who can make this true.

Chennai Smashers are captained by World Number 3 Indian Badminton star PV Sindhu.The team coach for this season in Arun Vishnu.The Team Strengths are Women’s Singles and Mixed Doubles.The team consists of 10  players with 5 as Foreign players.

As we Know that each Tie consist of 5 matches.So let’s see which players can get a chance to play and who will be the Trump card of the team.

Two Men’s Singles :

TANONGSAK SAENSOMBOONSUK – world number 12 Thailand player will be leading his team in Mens singles category.In last season, he contributed a lot and came as a winner in finals where his opponent was Ajay Jayaram.

BRICE LEVERDEZ – world number 24 France player.He can also contribute a lot in the team.Since he his 2nd best singles player in the team, so he might get several chances to showcase his talent.

ADITYA JOSHI – world number 80 Indian player.He might not get many chances to play but can come as a surprise package.

So, TANONGSAK SAENSOMBOONSUK  can be used as Trump card in Singles event.

Mixed Doubles :


GABRIELLE ADCOCK and CHRIS ADCOCK, this is the only option with the team.The Married English couple can disappoint any team.They know each other well and can be used as a good asset for the team.This pair can also be used as a Trump card for the team.

Men’s doubles :
In this, the team looks a little bit weak. B. SUMEET REDDY and world number 8 Taiwan shuttler YANG LEE is the only option available.
Women’s Singles :
PUSARLA V. SINDHU – If there would be no limit for maximum Trump card(2 in League stages) then the franchise would have used her as a Trump card for every match.But since a maximum of 2 can be used in League stages so they can’t.

So, the Team combination looks good but the problem comes in Men’s Singles and Doubles event.Since other teams have much high rated and good ranked player in this two categories, this can put Chennai Smashers in trouble. If they win this then their chances of winning the cup become high.






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