Start Of A New Rivalry ?

El Clasico, One of the finest battles in football is near, suddenly making every person around the globe a football fan. There is no time like the present,in the era of Messi and Ronaldo, we have certainly forgotten the ones who stand behind and save the team from their fierce attacks, The Goalkeepers!

When you are representing the best clubs in the world there is no iota of doubt that people will be comparing a lot, fighting with opinions as swords leading to a never-ending war of their favorites. While Keylor Navas missed most of the season due to injury, Marc Andre Ter Stegen was out there making a name for himself. So let’s take a look at the goalkeepers who are undoubtedly proving themselves as one of the finest creating a rivalry of their own.

Keylor Navas

Keylor Navas

Season after season Real Madrid has been looking for David De Gea as their goalkeeper to represent them on the top levels of the footballing world without acknowledging the fact that it was Navas who was giving world-class performances winning the UEFA Champions League back to back which is a record in itself. Although he was injured for a better part of this season, Keylor Navas has performed excellently in all levels of football be it on the club level or the international level. His exceptional performances in The World Cup was the major reason Real Madrid went for the goalkeeper and he has not failed to deliver yet. El Clasico will be one of the moments for Keylor Navas to shine and prove to the club that they don’t need any other goalkeeper to fill his boots. Here are some of the stats and let’s see whether Keylor Navas add another clean sheet to his name after this El Clasico.

  • La Liga
  1. Appearances – 8
  2. Clean Sheets – 4
  3. Average Saves Per Game – 2.38
  • Champions League
  1. Appearances – 3
  2. Clean Sheets – 0
  3. Average Saves Per Game – 2.67

Ter Stegen


 Germans, always good with beers and goalkeepers and yet again Marc Andre Ter Stegen dubbed as The Heir To Oliver Kahn is the one to watch primarily in this El Clasico.

Currently out-shadowed by Manuel Neuer as the first choice German goalkeeper, the 25-year-old has been giving some world-class performances this season, but the fact that he has not played in the international tournaments resists us to compare between him and Keylor Navas. Let’s take a look at the stats to see how ruthless the German goalkeeper has been this year.

  • La Liga
  1. Appearances – 16
  2. Clean Sheets – 10
  3. Average Saves Per Game – 2.44
  • Champions League
  1. Appearances – 4
  2. Clean Sheets – 3
  3. Average Saves Per Game – 1.75

Ter Stegen is one of the reasons why Barcelona are undefeated this season but with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, and Karim Benzema, this feat can be broken down if Ter Stegen does not perform up to his usual standards. While the club rivalry continues to dominate and entertain the world, It is no doubt that their goalkeeping will play an extremely crucial role in the match. Will Barcelona remain undefeated? or Will Real Madrid defeat Barcelona and end their undefeated run?






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